Tuesday, 28 October 2014


The incredible coat makes it's second in a long line of appearances. It has a way of making you feel extremely expensive, which only wills me want to wear it every single day. Yet another winter accessory is featured in this look, it not only practically keeps my head warm but also makes a fluffy statement - for many this may be too much, resembling a Siberian fur hat without the extreme snow, but I am always looking for statement head pieces as its a way of standing out without looking ridiculously outrageous. When I ordered the headband ready for winter I had actually thought it was a light pink, but decided to keep the white as it is an easy colour to style and I didn't have a white piece of headwear for colder weather. I'm a great believer in fate and this was one of those moments where I was meant to keep it as it is almost an exact colour match to the coat! Forest green pieces will be increasing in my wardrobe for autumn, with this loose roll neck shift dress being one of my first purchases. It can be dressed both up and down, making it a versatile staple piece in any wardrobe for the season. After already loving this colour I will be looking to buy others pretty soon as its more than worth the reasonable price!

Coat - Miss Selfridge
Dress - Missguided
Headband - River Island via ASOS
Heels - Steve Madden
My headband looks a little like a fluffy donut on my head from the back, but its a pretty fluffy donut and I love it! 

Sunday, 26 October 2014


After intending to put together a kind of 'winter glamour' look, this outfit ended up being more evening appropriate. I decided to go with the flow, as I absolutely adore the two new pieces featured; this incredibly snuggly dusky rose cardigan, in combination with a structured black midi skirt. The fur collar is ridiculously soft, quite like cuddling a fantastically fluffy feline.. (I am seriously lacking in cat attention at the moment so this helps somewhat). I doubled the fluff through wearing my black fluffy heels and added a metallic evening contrast with my accessories. Being a recent convert to midi skirts, I had to find a winter equivalent to the brighter options I bought over the summer to satisfy my wardrobe. I came across this textured one for the colder weather - the pleating and the pockets add structure and the shape is particularly flattering. To take this outfit into daywear I would most likely wear tights and change the shoes and clutch to something more practical and comfortable for whole day trips. After all its getting too cold for bare legs as we reach November!

Cardigan (also available in camel and black) - Miss Selfridge
Skirt - H&M
Shoes - Topshop
Clutch - River Island
Necklace - Forever 21

Friday, 24 October 2014


There's something slick yet elegant about wearing entirely black. We all know black is a slimming colour, concealing bumps, lumps and flaws we're all paranoid about and wearing it automatically makes you feel slimmer. This poncho was an amazing find in the depths of H&M, hiding among other dark items. The flowing shape I am often drawn to combined with the fact that it is chunky knitwear and a cowl neck makes it on trend, with roll necks of all kinds being the most sought-after look of this winter. I paired it with my trusty black skinny jeans and wedges, creating a laid-back look which works for both casual days and times where more effort may be required. The only colour needed was the gold in the necklace; a spiky contrast to such a comfortable look. 

Poncho - H&M
Jeans, wedges and hat - Topshop 
Necklace - Pinko

Make sure you check out my fabulous photographer Serah's blog if you haven't already! 

Wednesday, 22 October 2014


I channelled the spirit of Elsa from Frozen in today's shoot, especially because my gorgeous white wrap coat makes its debut in this post! It has been waiting patiently in my wardrobe ever since I bought it in early September and I have been itching to showcase it - the wait is finally over! This is the kind of classic style and cut that I always look for in outerwear. I know I will be able to wear it season after season and it will never age. The only problem is the colour as it will so easily pick up dirt; it's definitely a bittersweet purchase! Despite this being lightweight it's extremely warm, so I wouldn't have any trouble keeping the cold out whilst not feeling to ladened down. There's a real air of sophistication about this coat - something that would be achieved with a similar style at much higher prices! Its extremely reasonable and made even cheaper with student discount, so happy days for anyone with an NUS card! I decided to blend with the ever decreasing temperature with some beautiful blue knitwear - bobble hats are a winter staple and this one is extra soft and fluffy (it also helps contain my hair in any high hurricane winds...), coincidently matching my cropped jumper which is equally soft and cosy. In true frozen explorer style, we managed to find this powder blue garage door in a long line of pastel doors, which will be revisited again soon!

Jumper and heels - Topshop
Skirt - Zara
Hat (similar and other colours here) and belt - River Island
Necklace - Forever 21


There are rather a lot of shots in the post, but I had to show every angle of this perfect coat!