Monday, 28 July 2014


Today's post features a myriad of new pieces never seen before on my blog, including last minute shopping purchases over the last week, before I fly to South Africa on friday. The most important part of this look... NEW SHOES! My mum surprised me with these slices of Kurt Geiger goodness at the weekend; exactly the kind of heels for me in the cleated, holographic trend that I had been looking for. They have the added bonus of an elegant, sleek and slim heel rather than a chunky wedge! I wore this look for a friend's birthday meal, bringing all metallic elements together to create this summer sunshine ready ensemble. The dress I re-found after purchasing a couple of years ago - it has clearly been hiding in my wardrobe, just waiting for this perfect opportunity - the different textures against each other give this glam look an edge. This is also my first attempt at sporting a bejewelled headpiece! I had my doubts before purchasing, as although I had been lusting over so many beautiful pieces I thought my fringe might mean that this wasn't the style for me. I decided to go for it and it definitely paid off! You might also notice a new designer handbag.. this is yet another stew from the little boutique known as mother's wardrobe.. 
Dress - Miss Selfridge
Headpiece - Topshop
Necklace - Tiffany&Co
Rings - River Island
Handbag - Gucci (mum)
Heels - Kurt Geiger

This will be my last look before I jet off to South Africa as I have a pretty busy week ahead - but don't worry! This only means I can share my exciting adventures with you; new locations, outfits and weather conditions.. (its winter over there which means I can layer up!) ... See you on the other side!

Friday, 25 July 2014


Bralets are one of my favourite pieces to style. I've finally re-found my favourite tanning product, so I am no longer a little milk bottle who glistens in this summer sun. Minimal, more natural makeup therefore works really well with my new sun kissed skin! Chunky, sparkly jewellery also maintains that forever sought after glamour and creates a centre piece for each look. Bralets are obviously one of the most popular items this summer, which means there is such a wide variety available. I have built up quite a collection as they're a very flattering shape and cut as tops go; this lace bralet beats them all. Its both comfortable and supportive, but more importantly its feminine and adds a little sexiness to any ensemble, especially in the evening! This can only mean that I should do another ways to wear, so here it is!


Yep! Its the return of the circle skirt and this time its PINK! Yet another real steal from River Island's sale, at only £10! This one's a lot softer and is a little more relaxed compared to my previously featured circle skirt as it isn't quilted. Its beautifully soft and like last time makes you feel extremely sophisticated and floaty when wearing it.

Bralet - Topshop
Pink circle skirt and gold evening bag - River Island
Heels - Steve Madden
Necklace - Miss Selfridge


Black and pastels is always gorgeous! This was a look that was potentially going to be for a night out, as I love the way the black lace on the shorts coordinates with the bralet, however both the front and back of the shorts seem to pull and form unflattering creases, even after ironing (as you can see in some of the pictures, posted to show this problem). I adore the shorts off and the theory of the outfit would be amazing, but unfortunately the outcome wasn't as glamourous. 

Lilac shorts - Missguided


With the day quickly fading when I was out taking these shots, the evening sun really accentuated the iridescent gold in this mini skirt. This look is definitely a winner for a cocktail evening with the girls, or possibly even a date night. The skirt is yet another versatile piece, which I have worn in both winter and summer, as the animal print isn't so outrageous that its screams african savannah in heat of the day, but its subtle enough to suggest a wild side...

Skirt - Miss Selfridge

Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Sorry about the lack of posts over the weekend - I've been pretty busy but I'm back at it now! I had to get this posted to showcase my beautiful new mint pieces. Firstly, my In Love With Fashion kimono, bought for me by my amazing sister after our day at Dunham Massey. I loved her cream version so much when I wore it that I had to have the mint version for myself and it's absolutely beautiful! I'm probably getting a bit boring after wearing it with every outfit over the past few days but I wanted to show it off. Because of the subtle, feminine tropical print there are elements of colour which create so many outfit possibilities with the colour palette. Its also perfect for the weather, as again the floaty material makes me feel like a fairy but I can keep cool at the same time! I also found this incredible mint floral headpiece in the River Island sale for £4 - I can't resist revisiting River Island again and again to see what I can find! The oversized look might be quite eccentric and OTT for some, but its all the rage this summer and I am definitely making the most of this floral popularity! 
I paired my baby pink skater skirt with this black body - which is perfect for when skirts are just slightly see-through and you don't want to be showing your underwear! My necklace added to the tropical theme which I picked up last year and still adore, its a funky unique piece that brings that element of fun into an outfit. 

Kimono - In Love With Fashion
Floral Headpiece and pink sunglasses - River Island 
Black body and flamingo necklace - Topshop
Pink skater skirt - Missguided
Heels - Kurt Geiger
Pink Handbag - Zara